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Personalizing Education with Learning Ecosystems

A discussion with Serj Hunt

Teachers as Meteorologists, Counselors, and Educators

It’s another blizzard in Fargo. Another day without school.

It’s on these days when you realize all that is asked of teachers and schools. Not only are they teaching, but they’re also asked to predict the weather and assess road conditions! ❄️

I recently talked with Serj Hunt about this topic (minus the blizzard). As he noted:

We ask teachers to be everything to everyone: counselors, career advisors, mentors helping teens go through puberty, and educators working on getting students "market-ready.

Serj Hunt

Personalizing Education with Learning Ecosystems

A potential solution that Hunt notes is the creation of learning ecosystems.

Learning ecosystems are networks of learning resources that can be adapted around a specific learner's needs or interests.

Learning resources - libraries, museums, parks, community members, sports teams, etc. - exist within cities and regions. We can use those resources to customize and curate educational experiences.

Hunt argues that students spend too much time in the traditional classroom - a point we highlighted two weeks ago as numerous institutions rethink how long a degree should take.

New models help students meet academic standards while leaving room for personal exploration. This is often achieved by simply changing the school schedule for focused, traditional learning and non-traditional learning ecosystems.

Technology could also play a role in freeing up teachers to provide students with the personal exploration they need.

We can't put babies in front of an AI and expect them to be Galileo” as Hunt notes, but he is working to reimagine a future where learning and accrediting skills can be more personal with technology.

Reflections on Learning Ecosystems

Have a listen or watch to explore the edges of what’s possible in our education systems.